About the Author

Terry Thomas Bowman is happily married to Karen, his wife of thirty-five years. Terry and Karen make their home near Wilmington, North Carolina. Terry serves as deacon, decision counselor, and adult Sunday school teacher in his church. He has been writing for eighteen years and has had numerous devotions appear in Open Windows, The Upper Room, and other publications. More than fifty of his Christian inspirational, home-school, and biblical world-view articles have been published, and he has written several award-winning historical fiction short stories.

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The Original Carving Tree

In The Carving Tree a majestic old beech containing a heart-shaped carving stands as a symbol of love for the main characters. Terry drew upon personal experience when he selected this symbol of undying love. Prior to proposing to his wife in 1981, he etched a similar carving on a beech tree at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Thirty years later they returned to the university and showed their children the living symbol of their love.