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The Carving Tree is a tale of love, courage, and God’s redemptive grace
that reminds readers there is always hope.

Forty-six years ago Jake pledged his love to Sadie by carving their names into the Carving Tree. Newly retired, Sadie is eager to take on life’s adventures with Jake by her side. But when the symbol of their enduring love begins to wither and Jake is diagnosed with a heart condition, Sadie’s dreams are put on hold.  Bitter towards God, Sadie is determined to nurse Jake and their beloved Carving Tree back to health. Sadie’s luck takes a turn for the worse when Megan Thompson, an aspiring model, goes missing after leaving her young son in Sadie’s care.

Miles away, when what Megan thought was an audition for a modeling gig turns out to be a hoax, she finds herself a victim of a human-trafficking ring. Terrified, Megan knows only one thing is certain: she must escape and return to her son.

Both women’s courage and resilience are put to the test in Terry Bowman’s captivating novel, The Carving Tree.

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